• OB Rope (for pulling calves)

OB Rope (for pulling calves)

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This is a nice alternative to the chain and nylon straps currently being used in the cattle industry.  A rancher and his son from Crawford, Nebraska tried this OB rope out in 2015.  He got back to me at the Black Hills Stock Show in 2016 and said it worked wonderfully and was much easier on the calves' legs than a chain or nylon strap.  The OB rope is made from my smallest rope, which is 3/8" and the rings on it can be adjusted anywhere you want them.  The Hondo loops go around the calf's legs and the puller hooks onto wherever you place the rings.  If you need to do a half hitch on one leg it is long enough to do. I had over 50 ranchers at the Black Hills Stock Show that bought these ropes.

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Vendor: Brute Ropes

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