OB Rope (for pulling calves)

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If you are calving on a ranch, dairy farm, or anywhere else, this is a product you really need to look at.  I had over 50 ranchers at the Black Hills Stock Show that bought these ropes the first year I had them. (3 years ago).  The next year I had feedback from 25 of them - and it could not have been better.  The comments ranged from "this thing works really good" to "its the best thing I've ever used."  The best thing I heard is how much better shape the calves were in using my rope instead of chain or nylon strap.  That year, I sold over 150 ropes, and I sold more than that this year.  I'm now putting them in feed stores across the upper Midwest.

The OB rope is made from my smallest rope, which is 3/8" and the rings on it can be adjusted anywhere you want them.  The Hondo loops go around the calf's legs and the puller hooks onto wherever you place the rings.  If you need to do a half hitch on one or both legs it is long enough to do.  There is no "bite" to this rope, so it is gentle on the calf's legs, but the rope itself has a 4000 lb test weight so it's more than strong enough.

Thank you to Stacy Boettcher of Auburnvale Farms of Tustin, Wisconsin for taking the pictures of my OB rope in use, and special thanks to Pete Emerson in Crawford, NE for suggestions and help with prototyping.

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