About Us

Welcome to my new website for Brute® Ropes! My name is Paul Lynch. Many of you will recognize my picture above since you’ve met me at one of the trade shows I’ve been at in the last 10 years. Brute® Ropes began from a horse hauling business with the hope that other horse people would like the ropes as much as I did. I’m happy to say that the feedback at the shows year after year has been better than I could have hoped for. One of my favorite sights is watching previous customers selling ropes to my customers-to-be. That’s when I shut up, because whatever they say is twice as convincing as anything I could say.

All rope is not the same. I found this out 12 years ago when I started using these ropes. First, the rope is made of polyester, not nylon, so it is less abrasive than most ropes, which means it doesn’t “bite” your hands like other ropes do. Second, it doesn’t “lock up” when a horse pulls back on it – likely because it is a hollow braid rope. I have yet to see this rope “lock up” when a horse pulls on it. Third, the rope has the best action to it of any rope I’ve ever used. This is why my lunge lines are superior to other more expensive lunge lines. Fourth, it’s lightweight and extremely strong, with an 8000 pound test weight on the ½” diameter rope. Lastly, if you have horses that chew up ropes, while this rope is not indestructible, I’ve never seen a more durable rope.

Up until now, I have been the primary manufacturer of all the ropes. I was in the Navy, and never dreamed I’d use this skill later in my life. But I have done so to make thousands of well made ropes over the last 10 years. Each rope is hand spliced, the same way rigging is done, which is far better than metal clamps commonly used in ropes manufactured in China and India (where most ropes are manufactured). What I have found to be the hardest task, is getting people to try the ropes for the first time. But I estimate 90% of people who do try them love them, and buy them again. These are professional grade ropes that are ideal for people who train their own horses or are closely involved in their horse’s training. If you are serious about horsemanship, and getting the most out of your horse, you will see a difference in these ropes, and you will love that difference. It will make these your favorite ropes, and the ones that you grab time after time.   I’m proud of these ropes. I feel like I offer a high quality product at the right price.

Brute Ropes Paul Lynch