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One of my most innovative and unique products is my adjustable cross-ties. If you cross-tie your horse, you will love these ties. I used to make ties that required people to tell me how high and wide they had to be and then the ties could only be used in a single location. I came up on these by request from a reiner in Oklahoma City. It took about four tries to get them perfected. You can use these in spaces from 4 feet to about 17 feet wide. There are 6 rings on each tie, to allow 12 different width settings. They are quick to set up, solid to use, and adaptable. They are easy to move from one location to another – from your work barn, to the show barn, to wherever you would like to tie. At one show, I went from 18 sets sold the first year, to 80 sets sold the following year.   When people use these at horse shows, they are often asked, “where did you get those ties?” 

Thanks to Jim Patterson for forwarding the pictures of the cross ties in use in his barn.  Jim and his wife Joan have bought ropes from me from the beginning and have been good customers and friends.  What I like about the pictures is it shows a great overhead crosstying technique and how you can customize it to your liking.  If you notice, he used a turnbuckle on one side to control the tension in the overhead line.  That's what's nice about these cross-ties - they are very versatile.  You have many different ways of hooking them up - whatever you can dream up.

NOTE: If you want to use the OVERHEAD Cross Ties you need to purchase the two short trailer ties also - they are not included with the Cross Ties.

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