• 3/8" Lite Weight Lunge Line
  • 3/8" Lite Weight Lunge Line
  • 3/8" Lite Weight Lunge Line

3/8" Lite Weight Lunge Line

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My third lunge line is my newest. I call it a “Lizard Whip”. It’s a whole new feel for a lunge line. It’s made of my 3/8 inch rope, the lightest and thinnest rope I use. It has a lighter brass or silver snap, or a hondo, and a weighted end handle. I generally make these 20 feet long, but will also make them 15 feet long (which is especially useful for lunging miniature horses). I thought the 3/8 inch was too light of a rope for a lungeline but I was wrong. A client brought me a 30 foot driving line that he had used for a year, and asked me to make 4 more of them. After playing with that rope for a while and seeing the action in it, it was remarkable. The signal and wave of that rope will carry like nothing I’ve ever seen. The action is quicker and more lasting than that of the ½ inch lunge line. The rope’s lightness gives a completely different feel than you’ve ever had in a lunge line. Everyone who has tried this rope and talked to me afterward has raved about this rope.

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