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I also make a high line rope for horse camps. I want the highline to be able to be pulled tight so it won’t sag overnight. At one end I put a hondo, so you can hook onto whatever diameter you need to go around – like a branch, trunk, or tree saver. On the other end, I put the biggest bull snap I have, the same one as on the Big Brute® rope. This is so you can hook onto it with a come-along or a ratchet strap or something similar and pull it tight. The rope has an 8000 pound test weight so it can be pulled snug and not sag. The rope when hooked up is over 21 feet long. There are 4 non-movable rings on the line, each spaced 4 feet apart. You can hook up to 4 horses on the line, or do horses and haybags alternating, or whatever you choose. I meant for this highline to be less bulky than most. It is about the size of a lariat, and is easy to pack in tied to a saddle. If you need a longer line, you can buy 2 or more and hook them together. I do custom orders up to 30 feet if needed.

Thanks to Kendall Smith for the pictures of the highline in use.  She uses my highlines when she goes camping and always tells me how much she loves them!

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