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The most popular lead rope I have is a ½ inch rope, 9 feet long, with a trigger snap and red tip end – the Brute® Rope. I’m very happy with my hardware. The bull snap provides both strength and ease of opening because of the extended thumb trigger. The snap is open and will clean itself out as opposed to other types of snaps. The rope is poly and will feel better in your hand over time as it is used. Once broken in, you will think it is a cotton rope. It has the good features of cotton – softness and less abrasiveness – without the problems of cotton. It doesn’t suck up water like a sponge (since it’s marine rope), it has far greater strength, and it won’t rot. This is some of the longest lasting rope you’ll ever find. I’ve used it for 12 years. I have people who come in and say they’ve got ropes made from the same material that has lasted over 20 years.

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