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Long Trailer Ties

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I make two different types of trailer ties. This one is made with the largest rope I have – 5/8 inch diameter – and when hooked up are approximately 3 feet long. They have a hondo on one end, and usually a panic snap on the other end, although I can also make them with a trigger snap. These work best for trailers with the tie loops above the trailer window.   These can be shortened by going through the same loop up to three times. The other is a shorter version, a little over 2 feet long, made with the ½ inch rope, with a thumb trigger bull snap on one end and a panic snap on the other. These are best for trailers that have the tie loops at manger level. People use these in their trailers, in their barns, and in their arenas. And recently, people have realized they work well attached to my cross-ties. To order the short trailer ties, go to the product "short trailer ties".

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